Meet Iconic Album Art Designer Bill Smith

Bill Smith Studio, record sleeve designers from 1976-2020, responsible for over 2000 music covers for artists including; The Jam, The Cure, Genesis, Kate Bush, Toyah Willcox, Led Zeppelin, King Crimson, Van Morrison, Mike Oldfield, Queen, The Rolling Stones and many others.

Published at 7/26/2022, 1:35:39 PM

An Introduction to Copyright

At its core, copyright on MusicArt means that minters must know and understand that they may only mint or sell completely original content that they made, or content that they are completely and clearly authorized to copy and distribute. This rule is important. Not that you ever would, but if someone were to mint or sell something that they don’t own the rights to, or aren’t somehow authorized to do so, the actual rightsholder can file a complaint, and their NFT will have to come down.

Published at 5/10/2022, 12:16:09 PM

Peace Piece - Charity NFT by Internationally Acclaimed Artist James Marsh

In response to the current situation in Ukraine, James Marsh was inspired to create this beautiful ‘Peace Piece’ incorporating the colours of the Ukrainian flag.

Published at 3/31/2022, 9:33:17 PM

How do you make an NFT an effective music marketing tool?

For a limited number of music artists, an NFT drop is a way to raise hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars. Fair enough. However, for most music artists, an NFT is a brand new opportunity for them to engage with current fans and introduce their music to new audiences.

Published at 2/24/2022, 10:10:51 AM

On-Chain vs. Off-Chain: What’s this all about, and what is the difference exactly?

As you already know, NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, are a new way to track and confer ownership of items in the digital world. These tokens can be anything from album or single cover art, to autographs, gig posters, and more. The process of taking your cover art, say, and turning it into a digital asset that can be bought and sold on a blockchain is called minting.

Published at 12/2/2021, 3:37:43 PM

Minting NFTs: one offs, or a limited edition?

It’s arguably never been a better time to be a creator. It feels like every month brings another new platform that allows artists to express themselves to new and wider fan bases—and gives artists the ability to make money from their art in novel ways.

Published at 11/8/2021, 11:41:34 AM

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