Meet Iconic Album Art Designer Bill Smith

Bill Smith Studio, record sleeve designers from 1976-2020, responsible for over 2000 music covers for artists including; The Jam, The Cure, Genesis, Kate Bush, Toyah Willcox, Led Zeppelin, King Crimson, Van Morrison, Mike Oldfield, Queen, The Rolling Stones and many others. Working with great photographers, such as Gered Mankowitz, The Douglas Brothers, Martyn Goddard, Andy Earl and David Schienmann for over 5 decades, creating some of the most iconic album covers of all time.

We are so honored to have the first NFT released by Bill Smith on Showcasing one of his most revered album covers for one of the world's biggest bands: Genesis -

"Mike Rutherford picked up what I laughingly called my sketchbook, leafing through he stopped at a page and almost shouted Eureka! 'love this, look everyone'.

It was a small collage of torn pieces of coloured Pantone swatches, with a couple of black ink squiggles around them. Everyone agreed it would be the cover, " OK, now get it done!" So, my little 25mm square collage became the cover for an album that sold 2 million copies worldwide and inch for inch became my best paid job ever."

The "Abacab" artwork has been minted as a Gif, this is because when the band chose the cover art, Bill Smith reproduced it in four colour ways. Genesis liked them all, and thought they would make an effective presentation in shop displays.

Customers purchasing this NFT in the primary sale, will also receive a beautiful four-up archival inkjet print of the four colourways, signed and numbered to match the NFT, in pencil by Bill Smith. The buyer of the abacab NFT will be contacted by MusicArt via email to arrange delivery of their print.

Published at 7/26/2022, 1:35:39 PM

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