About Us

The Only NFT Platform
Where Music Art Reigns Supreme

MusicArt is a unique new NFT platform with its sole focus on celebrating and promoting music-based art and imagery. This makes MusicArt the perfect environment for musicians to trade their visual art, as opposed to seeing their work lost in a sea of NFTs in unrelated genres on other platforms.

Because MusicArt is uniquely focussed on music, music fans and collectors will make our platform their number one destination for browsing music-based artwork and this will only enhance the possibility of striking art being noticed by a casual browser.

Embracing All Genres

MusicArt celebrates art in music whatever your genre, and our platform is already home to some of the most iconic imagery from the 60’s and 70’s, as well as hosting art from contemporary genres like Rap and Hip Hop through to Indie, Metal and Country.

Simple, Straightforward
And Planet Friendly

MusicArt caters for all artists, whether they are established or just starting out. A developing artist might wish to mint a limited run of 50 NFTs for sale at $20 each, whereas a more established artist might wish to mint a run of 100 for sale at $250 each.

Minting NFTs with MusicArt is simple, straightforward and extremely low cost. For example, a single NFT costs $10 to mint and each additional unit costs only $1.

At the back end of our platform, we have invested heavily in making sure our royalty payment systems are the best in class, meaning creators not only earn income from their initial sales but also instantaneous royalties (10-20%) every time an NFT is re-sold on our service.

MusicArt is the only major NFT player to use the BSV blockchain and we do so because BSV is supremely planet friendly, using 10,000 times less energy than Ethereum.

More Scalable
Than The Competition

We also use BSV because it is scalable, currently managing up to 100,000 transactions per second compared with only 30 transactions per second on Ethereum and other blockchains.

Scalability also enables MusicArt to manage royalty payments ‘on-chain’ meaning royalties are paid out instantly to the creator or artist. Other marketplaces manage royalties manually and do this ‘off-chain’, paying out royalties infrequently and in a much more random manner. Another big benefit that scalability brings to MusicArt is that the artworks themselves are truly stored ‘onchain’. Many of our competitors are unable to do this.

For all the reasons above, we believe MusicArt is the premier platform for any artist wishing to monetise their digital imagery and we look forward to partnering with you or your artist in the very near future!

Our team

Peter Ruppert – 25 year veteran Music Consultant to Major Labels, Radio Stations and Artists. Peter started his career within a small Team at MTV in London the early 1990s.

Dirk Brockhausen, PhD – Physicist, Developer, and Blockchain expert. Dirk spent some time working at Cern at the Large Hardron Collider and at IBM Zurich as an SAP consultant. Later he founded his own development and consulting company.

Jeff Golembo – Experienced commercial and business affairs lawyer focusing on talent acquisition, rights and brand exploitation, global licensing and M&A activity in the recorded music and associated digital arenas. Wide industry knowledge both domestically and internationally having worked at Sony, Universal and MD at MCA Records.

Hugh Goldsmith -Formerly MD of RCA before founding multi platinum record label, Innocent Records, in a JV with Virgin Records. 7 years later Hugh founded Brightside Recordings in a JV with SonyBMG. Hugh has been a recipient of the highly prestigious Music Week A&R Award and has enjoyed 20 UK Number 1’s in his career. Artists worked with include Take That, Annie Lennox, M People, Natalie Imbruglia, David Bowie, Dave Stewart, Stevie Wonder, Blue, Billie Piper, Atomic Kitten and Newton Faulkner.

High profile adviser/ambassador team, comprised of Artists, Managers, Record label execs, art experts and professionals in the music artwork NFT/blockchain arena.

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